A latin guy visiting Amsterdam for a week! The adventure begins!

And that’s how everything started, a lot of excitement, a terrible flu and feeling sleepy as hell. But none of that matters, because it’s time to travel 🙂 I had to be at the airport at 4 am, after sleeping for 30 minutes only (why I keep doing that kind of things when I’m almost 30 is an unsolved mystery), and taking a couple of planes that would make me land 19 hours later in Amstedam.

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How does the public transport work in Netherlands?

When you travel through Europe, you’ll notice small but important differences in the public transport. While in Scotland you’re allowed to pay the bus with cash, you can’t do it in England. So, I decided to write this article, so you can prepare in case you decide to visit the beautiful Netherlands.

In Netherlands, there are several types of public transport: bus, train, metro and tram. Of course, you can find taxis and Uber as well, but the prices are so high that I won’t even cover them in here. The price of the public transport can be different also according to the way you use to pay.

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The fear before traveling…

Many times, I have talked about how I’m (almost) not afraid to travel. I always have thought that my father gave me some kind of traveling gen, and that’s why I’m not concerned to leave alone to visit a new place. I always felt that I could manage myself pretty well, doesn’t matter if it was about transport, food, meeting people or anything else. So, why should I have doubts just before starting my longest trip until the moment? Why now?

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Vietnam QuickTrip: A detailed guide

So, I’m going to start a short series of posts based on my previous travels, called #QuickTrips. These posts will be focused on how to visit some cities or countries if you don’t have much time. As you might be aware, I’m planning my longer term travel right now. However, for my past trips I had a constraint due to my available vacations days. This would range from just a day (as it happened to me in Ireland, such a shame), up to a week in a country.

I spent five full days in my Vietnam QuickTrip. It was part of a 20 days trip to Southeast Asia, in which I arrived to Vietnam, then went to Thailand, visited Malaysia, and spent just a few hours in a small city from Japan called Narita. I spent 3 entire days flying (it’s a long way from Costa Rica). This was at the end of March 2016. And this is how my Vietnam QuickTrip was, in summary:

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How to choose travel insurance?

A lot of people don’t get travel insurance, as we tend to think nothing’s going to happen. And most of the times, that’s right. In fact, I have never used my travel insurance. However, I’ll still get one for my next few months trip, and if I take a one week trip to New York or Belize, I’ll buy one as well.

When I traveled to Peru, I didn’t get travel insurance. It was due to lack of awareness from my side. I took a couple of rides in boats (even though, I can’t swim), took a 16 hours bus, walked in Machu Picchu, did sandboarding, thought I was going to die in Cusco because of a diarrhea that only lasted a night and the following morning, and left my stuff at hostels while I went to explore new places. I was lucky since nothing went wrong, besides that hell of a diarrhea (that was cured very quickly without taking any medicine), but a lot could have gone bad.

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How to pack for a trip?

If you know how to pack for a trip, your journey can be even more enjoyable. Travelling without excessive unnecessary stuff will save you some troubles. From avoiding fees at the airport up to unpacking easier. That’s why you’ll find packing ideas in here, so that you’ll pack in a better way.

What you take will depend on several factors. Those include the place you’ll visit, the time of the year, how long you will be there, and what kind of activities you plan to do. So, the first thing is to find out the weather in your destiny during the time you’re going. No matter what, the most important is to take only what’s really essential. It doesn’t make sense to take 5 outfits for a two-day trip, unless you have a very diverse schedule.

There are several advantages when you pack light:
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How to find cheap accommodation?

Accommodation can be one of the major expenses you’ll have during a trip. So, it’s important to invest time, if you want to find a good place and save some money. There are several options to find a place to stay: from a super economic hostel or Couchsurfing (non-affiliate), up to deluxe hotels. It all depends on your travel style. In the middle, we have several options such as bed and breakfast, Airbnb, guest house, cheap hotels, amongst others. By the way, if you join Airbnb using one of my links, you’ll get a $20 discount the first time you use their service.

First thing you need to know, are the search engines according to the type of accommodation you’re looking for:
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How to find a cheap plane ticket?

Finding a cheap plane ticket can be a demanding process. If you’ve never bought a ticket before, you could end up paying much more than you should. How much you pay will depend on how much time you invest searching. How much time in advance you search will also impact this. However, the price isn’t the only factor to define convenience of a flight. You could decide to pay more in a very long flight to avoid economy class. You might want to avoid departing or arriving at certain times. It will all depend on what you’re looking for.

So here’s what you can do to find that great deal:

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Are you afraid to travel? You’re not alone!

The first time I took a plane, I was 16 years old and I was about to spend one year without my family. I felt more excited than scared, but I was afraid anyways. And it’s normal to have fears, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing the things you enjoy. For example, the fear of flying is very common, even if taking flight is really safe.

In my case, there were three steps that helped me overcome my fears, or at least face them:
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