A latin guy visiting Amsterdam for a week! The adventure begins!

And that’s how everything started, a lot of excitement, a terrible flu and feeling sleepy as hell. But none of that matters, because it’s time to travel 🙂 I had to be at the airport at 4 am, after sleeping for 30 minutes only (why I keep doing that kind of things when I’m almost 30 is an unsolved mystery), and taking a couple of planes that would make me land 19 hours later in Amstedam.

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How does the public transport work in Netherlands?

When you travel through Europe, you’ll notice small but important differences in the public transport. While in Scotland you’re allowed to pay the bus with cash, you can’t do it in England. So, I decided to write this article, so you can prepare in case you decide to visit the beautiful Netherlands.

In Netherlands, there are several types of public transport: bus, train, metro and tram. Of course, you can find taxis and Uber as well, but the prices are so high that I won’t even cover them in here. The price of the public transport can be different also according to the way you use to pay.

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