The fear before traveling…

Many times, I have talked about how I’m (almost) not afraid to travel. I always have thought that my father gave me some kind of traveling gen, and that’s why I’m not concerned to leave alone to visit a new place. I always felt that I could manage myself pretty well, doesn’t matter if it was about transport, food, meeting people or anything else. So, why should I have doubts just before starting my longest trip until the moment? Why now?

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Vietnam QuickTrip: A detailed guide

So, I’m going to start a short series of posts based on my previous travels, called #QuickTrips. These posts will be focused on how to visit some cities or countries if you don’t have much time. As you might be aware, I’m planning my longer term travel right now. However, for my past trips I had a constraint due to my available vacations days. This would range from just a day (as it happened to me in Ireland, such a shame), up to a week in a country.

I spent five full days in my Vietnam QuickTrip. It was part of a 20 days trip to Southeast Asia, in which I arrived to Vietnam, then went to Thailand, visited Malaysia, and spent just a few hours in a small city from Japan called Narita. I spent 3 entire days flying (it’s a long way from Costa Rica). This was at the end of March 2016. And this is how my Vietnam QuickTrip was, in summary:

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