How to choose travel insurance?

A lot of people don’t get travel insurance, as we tend to think nothing’s going to happen. And most of the times, that’s right. In fact, I have never used my travel insurance. However, I’ll still get one for my next few months trip, and if I take a one week trip to New York or Belize, I’ll buy one as well.

When I traveled to Peru, I didn’t get travel insurance. It was due to lack of awareness from my side. I took a couple of rides in boats (even though, I can’t swim), took a 16 hours bus, walked in Machu Picchu, did sandboarding, thought I was going to die in Cusco because of a diarrhea that only lasted a night and the following morning, and left my stuff at hostels while I went to explore new places. I was lucky since nothing went wrong, besides that hell of a diarrhea (that was cured very quickly without taking any medicine), but a lot could have gone bad.

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How to pack for a trip?

If you know how to pack for a trip, your journey can be even more enjoyable. Travelling without excessive unnecessary stuff will save you some troubles. From avoiding fees at the airport up to unpacking easier. That’s why you’ll find packing ideas in here, so that you’ll pack in a better way.

What you take will depend on several factors. Those include the place you’ll visit, the time of the year, how long you will be there, and what kind of activities you plan to do. So, the first thing is to find out the weather in your destiny during the time you’re going. No matter what, the most important is to take only what’s really essential. It doesn’t make sense to take 5¬†outfits for a two-day trip, unless you have a very diverse schedule.

There are several advantages when you pack light:
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