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Hi and welcome to Just One More Place!

My name is Rai, and I’m the author of this travel blog. I’m truly passionate about travel, and my purpose is to help you as much as I can in any aspect related to travel in your life.

In this site, you’ll be able to find useful information to prepare your travels, my travel stories and my bad experiences (so you can learn from them). I’m really obsessed about travel planning, so hopefully you’ll find a lot of information about that in here. I want you to take advantage of all the time I spend on planning, so that you can spend less on that.

This is also my first blog, so I’ll write about how to start one as well. I’m far from being an expert on blogging, so this will be an experience where we’ll be able to learn together.

Finally, I just want to tell you that I’d love to form a community of people who love traveling as much as I do. So please, feel free to comment in any single post whenever you need help, or you think you can contribute with something that might help someone else.

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Thanks again for visiting me and have happy travels!